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Prince Albert National Park of Canada


Day Hikes & Backpacking

Two backpackers on trail through spruce forest.
Backpacking routes take hikers through well-drained aspen and jackpine stands and wetter stretches of trail in black spruce forests. Trail to remote Tibiska Lake.
© Parks Canada/Brad Muir/PANP CD0838-88

Spruce River Highlands Trail
Distance: 8.5 km loop

Ascend the path for 0.7 km and climb to the top of a 10 m tower. Below, the Spruce River meanders through a characteristically glacial landscape. The hills of the aspen parkland are radiant in their fall foliage. The trail then passes through rolling terrain providing the hiker with great viewing opportunities of Anglin Lake.

Grey Owl Trail
Distance: 20 km one way
Time: 6 hours one way

In the summer of 1936, Grey Owl (Archibald Belaney) the famous conservationist, received over 700 visitors to his cabin on Ajawaan Lake. Today, the trip to Ajawaan is still a popular trek with visitors making the journey by boat, canoe and on foot. The trail begins near the southern end of the Kingsmere River, passes several backcountry campsites and concludes at the front door of Grey Owl's cabin.

Camping is not allowed at the cabin site but the nearest campground is only 3 km south of the cabin. As for all overnight trips, visitors must obtain a backcountry camping permit in advance.

Routes to Grey Owl's Cabin

Amyot Lake Trail
Distance: 15.5 km loop

Explore sedge meadows where free roaming bison range.

Other Trails
You can choose from many other trails such as Kinowa, Elk, Hunters and the Red Deer Trails for day trips or longer walks ranging in length from 7 to 25 km.

Some of the trails in the southern part of the park are also suited for all terrain cycling and horseback use. Check with the park for details on these and to obtain backcountry camping permits.

More details on these and other trails can be obtained from the park Visitor Centre.