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Prince Albert National Park of Canada


Short Hikes & Nature Trails

Boardwalk trail in spruce bog in autumn.
On the self-guided Boundary Bog Trail you discover insect-eating plants!
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Boundary Bog Trail
Self-guided brochure
Distance: 2 km loop
Time: 1 hour

This popular trail takes you into a world not often explored ... the heart of a black spruce and tamarack bog! A viewing tower near the trail's end offers an overview of this terrain.

Mud Creek Trail
Self-guided brochure
Distance: 2 km loop
Time: 1 hour

This trail follows the south lakeshore of Waskesiu through a mature aspen forest interspersed with sections of mixed forest, then along the banks of lazy Mud Creek.

There is a great chance of seeing beaver, otter and a variety of birds such as flycatchers, Tennessee warblers and great blue herons.

Treebeard Trail
Self-guided brochure
Distance: 1.2 km loop
Time: 3/4 hour

The Woods Cree call it Mi sisi a kaw or Big Forest/Old Forest. Treebeard is a trail among some of the largest whitespruce and balsam fir trees in the park, but it's just one small part of the larger landscape ... the boreal forest. Treebeard introduces you to some of the partners that comprise this ecosystem and to the cycles of the system.

Waskesiu River Trail
Distance: 1/2 km on boardwalk with an option for additional 1.5 km on ground surface
Fully accessible boardwalk trail, bridges and viewing decks
Self-guided panels and 'talking signs'

It's not a wide river. It's not a deep river. It's a quiet river and for centuries it's given life to all. The trail, always in sight of the water, follows the riverbank and affords everyone, including people with physical and visual disabilities, an opportunity to become surrounded by nature - the perfect place for a family stroll.

Other Trails
Trails such as the Kingsmere River, Shady Lake, Ice-Push Ridge, Narrows Peninsula and Spruce River Highlands Tower Trail, among others, range in length from 1 to 3 km. Each takes hikers into representative areas of the park and together will help enrich your visit.