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Prince Albert National Park of Canada


Two hikers on grassy hillside.
Hiking the hillside in the Meridian Cabin area.
© Parks Canada/Bradley Muir/PANP CD1100-13

Hiking in Prince Albert National Park is generally over gently rolling, forested hills with very little change in elevation or along lakeshores and water courses. A number of short walking trails are easily accessible from the road. Many are interpreted through signs or brochures. Because of their short lengths and good walking surfaces, hiking boots are generally not required on these trails.

Before venturing out, please read the brochure, 'You Are In Bear Country' and remember - you pack it in, you pack it out - no littering.

BE PREPARED FOR ALL EMERGENCIES! Backcountry travellers in all seasons should be self reliant and fully prepared to deal with any mishaps which may arise on their outings. Trailheads are not patrolled on a daily basis.