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Grasslands National Park

What's New

Cattle Trails and Cowboy Tales

Three people ride horses through the grasslands as the sun sets.
© Parks Canada

Cowboy Up and ride the old West on this two day / two night experience. Trail cattle on the open range with a local rancher, enjoy cooking from a chuck wagon and sleep on a bed roll under the brilliant night sky. Reconnect with nature, cowboy culture and each other.

Four rides to choose from in 2016:
June 19, 20, 21
June 23, 24, 25
Aug 29, 30, 31
Sept 2, 3, 4

  • Basic riding ability required.
  • Limited to six participants, ages 13 and up.
  • Meals, range tent accommodations, and horse use included

Sunset Horseback Adventure

Family of four ride horses at sunset.
© Parks Canada

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind evening guided wildlife horseback experience and search for some of Canada's rarest prairie creatures, from the majestic Plains Bison to the prehistoric short-horned lizard.

Saturdays at 7:00 pm in July & August (unless other event scheduled).
Ages 10 and up.

Make a weekend of it! Camp at the Frenchman Valley Campground and take in all the other exciting weekend programs.

Bison Backstage Tours (West Block)

You’ve heard the roar of the bull bison and marvelled at the herds grazing in park pastures, now get a VIP backstage pass to discover the secrets of how the plains bison were brought back from near extinction and how its continued safety and health are ensured. Get a fresh perspective of these 2,000-pound beasts as park staff lead you through a labyrinth of corrals, catwalks, alleys and gates, demonstrating the techniques behind the successful conservation program.

Wednesdays at 9:00am June, July, August (unless other event scheduled)

Bison Live!

Parks Canada and Explore ( have teamed up to bring you live video feed of bison on the Canadian Prairie in Grasslands National Park. Cameras have been installed in the West Block of Grasslands National Park near a known watering hole and Black-Tailed Prairie Dog colony close to the Ecotour road. Viewers can go to the website and view the video feed from the comfort of their own homes or smartphones. To see the live feed from the cameras in the park, visit:

Tipi Camping

A family enjoys a meal at a picnic in front of a tipi.
© Parks Canada

Feel like a kid again and live out a dream. After returning from a tipi-ring scattered ridge in the park, tuck into your sleeping bag in your own tipi. Let the rustling prairie grasses rock you to sleep. Being close to amenities, you and your family will enjoy the rustic nature of this tipi camping experience.

Tipis are available for rent at both the West and East blocks of the park.

What are the Grasslands National Park Red Chairs?

Two boys peak between red Adirondak chairs.
© Parks Canada

Looking for that special place where all your worries melt away? At 6 enchanting locations, 3 in the West Block and 3 in the East Block of Grasslands National Park, you can find our big red Adirondack chairs waiting to be discovered. Some are easy to find, while others require more of an adventure!