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Grasslands National Park

What's New

Parks Canada oTENTik! (West Block)

A family enjoys the indoor amenities of an oTENTik tent.
© Parks Canada

Grasslands National Park is excited to announce the arrival of Parks Canada oTENTik!

The oTENTik tent offers a unique blend of homey comfort and a taste of outdoor adventure. It’s a unique concept for visitors to enjoy camping with the comfort of a bed and a campsite already set up and ready to go. Each unit includes three beds and can accommodate up to six people.

A cross between a tent and a rustic cabin, this type of accommodation is the perfect way for families, friends and couples of all ages to discover the joys of camping without all the muss and fuss.

Tipi Camping

A family enjoys a meal at a picnic table in front of a tipi.
© Parks Canada

Feel like a kid again and live out a dream. After returning from a tipi-ring scattered ridge in the park, tuck into your sleeping bag in your own tipi. Let the rustling prairie grasses rock you to sleep. Being close to amenities, you and your family will enjoy the rustic nature of this tipi camping experience.

Tipis are available for rent at both the West and East blocks of the park.

What are the Grasslands National Park Red Chairs?

Two boys peek between red Adirondak chairs.
© Parks Canada

Looking for that special place where all your worries melt away? At 6 enchanting locations, 3 in the West Block and 3 in the East Block of Grasslands National Park, you can find our big red Adirondack chairs waiting to be discovered. Some are easy to find, while others require more of an adventure!