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Grasslands National Park

Horse Users' Guide

A group of horseback riders, take a scenic trail by the river.
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Horseback riding is a traditional form of recreation and is considered one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of this prairie setting! The park is a rustic, wilderness area with little to no services, so prepare for your trip well in advance.

Please read the following information to help make the most of your time in Grasslands National Park. Happy Trails!

Horse Use Information:

Equestrian Camping is available South of the Belza day use area in the West Block, and the Rock Creek Campground in the East Block.

Equestrian Camping

  • Horses, while hobbled, tethered or corralled may graze in the park. Avoid grazing crested wheatgrass after May 31st to avoid the spread of this non-native plant species. Crested Wheatgrass is an aggressive, exotic plant that is a threat to native prairie.
  • Dispose of horse manure at on-site receptacles.
  • Bagged cubes, pellets and rolled or steamed oats are the preferred feed, weed free hay is permitted only at the Rock Creek Campground and South of the Belza day use area.
  • Please respect private landowners around the park and remain on park owned lands.
  • Protect your horses against West Nile Virus.
  • Caution! Extreme fire risk and horseshoes can be a bad combination. Sparks may result from a horse clipping a rock with their shoes.
  • For emergency vet and farrier information, please contact our Visitor Centres.
  • Watch where you ride. Many prairie species, including rattlesnakes, are highly adapted to the prairies and camouflage well.

Horseback riders (East Block)
Happy Trails! 
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