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Grasslands National Park of Canada

Wildlife Viewing

Grasslands National Park is rich with diverse populations of wildlife that call the prairies home. We are currently home to over 20 species at risk including Plains Bison, Burrowing Owls, Greater Sage Grouse, Black Tailed Prairie Dogs, and Eastern Yellow Bellied Racers, just to name a few.

To improve your chances of viewing some of the amazing animals found in the park:

  • Plan your visit around dawn and dusk, times of day that may provide a better chance of sighting wildlife. Many animals look for respite from the heat during mid-day on the prairies.
  • Drive slowly on Ecotour Road, or better yet, go for a hike. Opportunities to view wildlife improve if you’re moving more slowly.
  • Appreciate the little things! Grasslands is home to small mammals, birds, frogs, and butterflies in summer. Keep a lookout for these spectacular creatures, too.
  • When you do spot larger wildlife such as bison, remember to view them safely from 100 metres (330 ft. or the length of 3 buses) away. Give them space and keep the animal’s line of travel or escape route clear.