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Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada

The islands on foot

Randonnées sur les îles 
© Parks Canada / Éric Leblanc

Armed with your binoculars and a camera, you have been abandoned on a desert island. You alone must confront nature in all its wild and picturesque beauty. Your senses are assaulted by the thousand hues of the flowers, by the grace of the seabirds and by the towering immensity of the cliffs.

There are close to 24 km of hiking trails distributed over four different islands. For the most part, these trails will take you along the sea, but occasionally they will lead you into the heart of the islands, into the woods, the barrens and the peat bogs.
Before all of this unrestrained beauty, keep in mind that certain areas are particularly fragile, to the point where even the slightest human activity can have grave consequences on their ecological integrity. Stick to the paths or the shoreline. Know how to observe without causing disturbance. Respect the code of ethics for seabird observation.

Adopt appropriate and respectful behaviour: Nature will thank you for it .

Major Hiking Sectors

Watch where you step !

NameIslandNumber of km/durationTypeLevel
La Lumière Trail Petite île au Marteau 1 km/30 min Straight Access to the people with reduced mobility Easy
Poète Jomphe Trail Île Niapiskau 0.4 km/15 min Loop Easy
Samuel Trail Île Niapiskau 4.6 km/
2 h 15 min
Straight Intermediate
Les Falaises Trail Île Quarry 2 km/45 min Loop Easy
Le Petit Percé Trail Île Quarry 4 km/2 h Loop Intermediate
Les Cypripèdes Trail Île Quarry 10 km/5 h Loop Intermediate
L'Anse des Érosions Trail Île Quarry 0.6 km/15 min Straight Easy
Walk on the shore Île du Havre Variable Straight or loop Intermediate
Walk on the shore Île Nue de Mingan 7 km/
3 h 30 min
Loop Easy

* From July 15 only. Make sure to reserve a water taxi in advance, as the number of authorized hikers is limited.

It is also possible to hike along the shoreline of some other islands. Contact Parks Canada's kiosk and information centres for more information.

Some Tips

For your safety and in order to protect natural resources, you should take note of the main regulations applicable in the park reserve.

In order to access the islands, you must reserve in advance. There are a number of maritime transport services offering a wide variety of package deals and daily departures between June and September.

Make sure that you are aware of the hours of high tide , since certain areas can only be crossed at low tide. Details are available in the reception and interpretation centres on the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada.