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Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada

A Taste for Adventure

© Parks Canada / Éric Leblanc

Though beyond the park's formal boundaries, the waters surrounding the Mingan Archipelago provide the opportunity to practise a wide range of marine activities.

What could be better than gliding through the water, carried away by the breathtaking array of forms and colours of the world that is opening up right before your eyes? Whether by boat, sailboat or sea kayak, you are sure to enjoy the salt tang of the region.

Under the waters around the islands, supreme visibility, intense colours and a surprising array of animal life await you.

Winged wildlife is everywhere in the archipelago. For an unforgettable stay, please respect the code of ethics for seabird observation and navigation in the Mingan Archipelago.

Observe as you travel through the water, yes, but without disturbing