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La Mauricie National Park

 Mosaic of three photos of Resource Conservation Service employees.
The Resource Conservation Service team in action!
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Conservation and restauration

The mission of the Resource Conservation Service is to understand, protect and restore park ecosystems with a view to preserving their ecological integrity.

Human activities conducted on the territory prior to the creation of the park have had a deep impact on the status of its ecosystems. The forest landscape was modified by logging and forest fire suppression, while aquatic habitats were transformed by the log drives and sport fishing of bygone times.

In our time, stress factors such as acid rain, land use in the areas bordering the park (i.e., urban development, summer and weekend homes, agriculture, logging, hunting, etc.), as well as human presence inside the park, all affect ecosystems on an everyday basis.

Thanks to the efforts of our employees, university researchers and a great many partnerships, the flora and fauna are in good hands. The fire team, the aquatic team and the wildlife team are taking care of things!

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