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La Mauricie National Park

A father and son discover insects living in a brook.
The BioKit is full of interactive activities that make use of the five senses.
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Something new for modern-day explorers!

© Parks Canada

Hey, teens! Discover the biodiversity of the Shewenegan and Esker areas using your iPad. Combine hiking, observation, games and reflections to produce your own diagnosis of the park’s health status and biodiversity.

In the form of a “techno” logbook, the BioKit allows you to jot down your observations, make drawings, take pictures and then share your discoveries with your friends.

Download the BioKit free of charge

For greater ease of use, download your BioKit before you arrive at the park!!

Get a print-out

Are you more of a traditionalist? A printed version of the BioKit is also available. Ask for it at one of the visitor reception centres or one of the campground kiosks.

Invent your itinerary

The elements described in the BioKit are all easy to reach in the Shewenegan and Esker sectors. Create a customized itinerary to discover the trails known as “La Tourbière,” “Ruisseau-Brodeur,” and “Les Cascades,” as well as Shewenegan Pond and Wapizagonke Lake – and much more. The point of departure sequence is not important, nor is the sequence of the places that you visit. Just follow your inspiration!

Two suggestions:

A loop that includes the Vallerand, Les Cascades, Les Falaises and Ruisseau-Brodeur trails.
Total distance: 8.5 km
Duration: 1.5 hrs. of activities and 3 hrs. of hiking

A round trip on Vallerand Trail (3 km) and a short stretch along Brodeur Creek.
Total distance: 3 km
Duration: 1.5 hrs. of activities and 1.5 hrs. of hiking