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La Mauricie National Park

A father and mother watch their children running through water on the beach.
One of the contests featured in the SPLASH! activities booklet © Parks Canada


Enjoying water in a 1000 ways!

Splass Kit Splash! © Parks Canada


SPLASH! is a family experience you can enjoy in a canoe, on a bike, at the beach or in your swimsuit. To do so, there is now a booklet of fun activities, riddles and contests to actively guide parents and their children aged 6 to 12 years in their discovery of the sectors surrounding Bouchard Lake, Édouard Lake, Lac du Fou and the magnificent Waber Falls. Follow your guides: Maurice and his friend Hubert, the loon, will treat you to a truly awesome experience!

The challenge

Collect as many drops of water as you can! Children who collect four drops win the “Silver Drop” award and those who collect eight win the “Gold Drop”! Turn in your booklet at one of the visitor reception centres or at one of the campground kiosks, where there’s a little surprise waiting for the kids!

Pick up your SPLASH kit!

The kit is available at one of the visitor reception centres or at one of the three campground kiosks for a $2 fee. The booklet is accompanied by a pen and a game. All of the materials come in a waterproof, easy-to-carry bag that you can keep.