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La Mauricie National Park

A young  girl discovering flora and fauna with an Explora’s GPS device. 
Discover flora and fauna with an Explora’s GPS device.  © Parks Canada


Something new at La Mauricie National Parc

GPS device showing the Gabet Lake forest. GPS device
© Parks Canada

When you come to visit the park, try Explora, our new activity. Explora puts a new technology in your hands, enabling you to make some very interesting discoveries. A handheld computer equipped with a GPS notifies you when to stop and provides you with data in the form of videos, sounds, photos and quizzes. Explora embodies an active approach to discovering the forest that draws on your senses.

Device rental locations
• Saint-Jean-des-Piles Visitor Reception and Interpretation Centre
• Saint-Mathieu Visitor Reception Centre
• Wapizagonke Campground kiosk

Device rental fee
• $5

Itinerary available

Explora Lac-Gabet
Distance: 3 km
Duration: 1:45
Height: 80 m
Departure: Lac Gabet Parking Lot

Look, listen, discover...while strolling under the canopy of age-old trees. You’ll uncover the secrets of a Laurentian forest.