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La Mauricie National Park

A Helping Hand for the Black Bear

Online Learning Situation
Secondary Cycle One
Science and Technology - The Living World

Close-up of a mother black bear and a cub. Study on the black bear population in La Mauricie National Park
© Philippe Henry

Understanding the ecology of the black bear so as to find solutions to enhance its protection in La Mauricie National Park– now there’s a real mission for our budding biologists!

Real scientific data, charts, tables, maps and interactive activities. Students analyze data, fill their Science Log and find solutions.

Subject-specific competencies
Makes the most of his/her knowledge of science and technology
Communicates in the languages used in science and technology

The living world
Compulsory concepts: habitat, species, population, physical and behavioural adaptations
Cultural references: Québec wildlife, protected areas

4 periods minimum
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