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La Mauricie National Park

Waber waterfalls
An excursion to the majestic Waber waterfalls is a must.  © Parks Canada

Suggested Routes

May we suggest to you two routes that are greatly appreciated by park visitors: the Observer and the Explorer. Upon registering at one of the Reception Centres, you will be provided with a map of canoe-camping routes. Please note, that the difficulty of these routes is based on the quantity, the length and the denivelation of the portages.

1. The Observer

  • Lakes and bay visited: Wapizagonke - du Caribou - baie des Onze Îles - de la Halte.
  • Length: 2 days, 1 night
  • Distance: 20 km
  • Departure/return: Wapizagonke Picnic Area
  • Portages: 3, total distance 4.7 km
    • Wapizagonke - lac du Caribou portage, 2.8 km long, uphill on the first kilometre.
    • Baie des Onze Îles - de la Halte portage, 600 m long, level ground.
    • Lac de la Halte - Wapizagonke portage, 1.3 km, downhill.

Description of the route:
This circuit comprises lakes bordered by magnificent quiet beaches. The Wapizagonke is renowned for its beautiful landscapes. Steep cliffs, sometimes over one hundred metres high, alternate with inviting sand spits. Situated at a higher altitude, lac du Caribou has exceptionally clear waters, but is also very windy. Good physical condition and technical ability with a canoe are required. Baie des Onze Îles is a quiet refuge for wildlife. Keep on the lookout and be discreet!

Shorter route:
If you prefer to avoid the lengthy Wapizagonke - lac du Caribou portage, you may leave a vehicle at the Wapizagonke Picnic Area and another at lac du Caribou.

2. The Explorer

  • Lakes and bay visited: du Caribou - Cobb Bay - Maréchal - Tessier - Waber - Wapizagonke.
  • Length: 3 days, 2 nights
  • Distance: 40 km
  • Departure/return: Shewenegan Picnic Area
  • Portages: 5, total distance 7.7 km
    • Wapizagonke - du Caribou portage, 2.8 km long, uphill on the first kilometre.
    • Cobb - Maréchal portage is 500 m long.
    • Maréchal - Tessier portage is 1 km long.
    • Tessier - Waber portage is downhill for 400 m.
    • Waber - Wapizagonke portage, 3 km long is mostly downhill. The portage has a magnificent lookout over Wapizagonke Lake.

Description of the route:
Known for its crystal waters, lac du Caribou has some of the most beautiful beaches of the park. You can also spend a day exploring baie des Onze Îles. An excursion to the majestic Waber waterfalls is a must. Upon returning to Wapizagonke Lake, the landscape is more abrupt and the sandy beaches invite you to swimming and relaxation.

Shorter route:
If you have two vehicles, you may leave one at the Shewenegan Picnic Area and another at the Wapizagonke Picnic Area. By doing so, you will not have to return on Wapizagonke Lake.