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La Mauricie National Park

Two grown-ups and two children walking hand in hand along a trail.
A young family walking in one of the park’s trails. © Parks Canada


Whether you choose a walk of less than an hour or a full day’s hike, you’ll be captivated by the beauty of the Laurentian landscape. While moving through the natural setting of this protected area, you’ll take in some breathtaking viewpoints, approach lakes and ponds of singular beauty, and come in contact with flora and fauna in tune with the rhythm of the seasons.

Saint-Mathieu Sector Trails
Saint-Jean-des-Piles Sector Trails

Saint-Mathieu Sector Trails

Easy hiking trails
Moderate hiking trails

Easy hiking trails

Ruisseau Brodeur

Duration: 30 min.
Distance: 1,4 km
Trailhead: Ruisseau Brodeur

Follow this narrow-sided brook as it cascades gently in the direction of Wapizagonke Lake.

La Tourbière

Duration: 15 min.
Distance: 300 m
Trailhead: Esker

Venture forth on a boardwalk into the middle of a floating green “carpet,” home to some fascinating orchids and carnivorous plants.

Les Cascades Map

Duration: 1 hrs.
Distance: 2 km
Trailhead: Bridge at Shewenegan Picnic Area

Follow a cascading brook and cross over a marsh via a boardwalk. Take advantage of the stream to take a break and cool off.

Moderate hiking trails

Lac Gabet

Duration: 1 ½ hrs.
Distance: 3 km
Trailhead: Lac Gabet Parking Lot

Rent an Explora handheld device and discover the secrets of a typical Laurentian forest. Take a break at the blind located on the edge of the lake.

Les Falaises Map

Duration: 2 hrs.
Distance: 3,8 km
Trailhead: Ruisseau Brodeur

Hike to the lookouts located atop rock walls and admire the landscape surrounding Wapizagonke Lake.

Saint-Jean-des-Piles Sector Trails

Easy hiking trails
Moderate hiking trails
Difficult hiking trails  

Easy hiking trails


Duration: 6 hrs.
Distance: 16,2 km
Trailhead: Saint-Jean-des-Piles Visitor Reception and Interpretation Centre

Hike along a portion of the Sentier national de la Mauricie (in french only) and immerse yourself in a forest corridor running alongside Lac à la Pêche and Isaïe Lake, as well as the Saint-Maurice River and Rivière à la Pêche.

Moderate hiking trails

Lac Solitaire (#13) Map

Duration: 3 hrs.
Distance: 5,5 km
Trailhead: Behind the Rivière à la Pêche Service Centre

Upon completing a first ascent, you’ll reach the Lac Solitaire lookout. The trail continues with a series of additional ascents and descents around the lake.

Ruisseau Bouchard (#14) Map

Duration: 4 hrs.
Distance: 8,3 km
Trailhead: Behind the Rivière à la Pêche Service Centre

Begin by hiking along a portion of the Lac Solitaire Trail and discover some splendid panoramas. You then continue on your way to the Lac aux Chevaux lookout, and end your outing along a stretch running next to Bouchard Creek.

Lac du Pimbina (#15) Map

Duration: 5 ½ hrs.
Distance: 13,1 km
Trailhead: Behind the Rivière à la Pêche Service Centre

You’ll be hiking through mountainous terrain, with stops at the lookouts at Lac Solitaire, Lac aux Chevaux and Lac du Pimbina. On the way back, you’ll travel alongside Bouchard Creek.

Mekinac Map

Duration: 5 hrs.
Distance: 11 km
Trailhead: Mekinac Parking Lot

After a demanding climb, you’ll reach the Lac Rosoy lookout, where you’ll enjoy a panoramic view out over the Saint-Maurice River.

Difficult hiking trails

Deux-Criques Map

Duration: 7 hrs.
Distance: 17 km
Trailhead: Behind the Rivière à la Pêche Service Centre

Hike one of the park’s most beautiful and demanding trails. Get to see the Ruisseau du Fou falls. And, once you reach one of the lookouts, you’ll enjoy some breathtaking views.