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Sylvie Gallant's Biography and Discography

Sylvie Gallant (Gallantine)

 Gallantine (Sylvie Gallant)
Sylvie Gallant (Gallantine)
Photo: Jocelyne Gallant

Otherwise known as Gallantine, artist Sylvie Gallant is a native of the Gaspé Peninsula. She grew up in a family of 15 children, heir to a rich musical tradition.

Her Acadian roots have given her a taste for celebration, and music runs in her veins! Over the years, she has continued learning through a variety of singing, piano, theatre, and mime training opportunities.

Since 1988, she has been composing, creating, and putting on shows for children and adults alike. Her charisma is contagious!


Sylvie Gallant (Gallantine) has three albums of songs and nursery rhymes for children: Mimi à la ferme, Mon petit chat, and Gallantine au parc Forillon (2012).