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Gaspé Resident Survey on Black Bears, Summer 2012

Black Bear Family Black Bear Family
© Parks Canada, Serge Ouellet

In June 2012, Parks Canada surveyed Gaspé residents to learn about how they feel about black bears. Forillon Park decided to conduct this survey because the black bear is a very visible animal that attracts considerable interest and spurs many questions from park visitors and Gaspé residents.

There have never been any bear attacks on humans at Forillon Park. Forillon National Park has always made sure that visitors and black bear coexist in harmony. Its objective is to ensure visitor safety and protect the park’s black bear population.

This study will enable the park to develop various approaches to raising awareness and promoting the harmonious coexistence of humans and black bears.

The results of the study will be available in spring 2013.

If you have any questions about the visitor or Gaspé resident surveys on black bears, please contact us.
Telephone: 418-368-5505
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