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Forillon National Park

Year in review 2016


Following, an overview of the main projects and highlights of year 2016.

To learn more about our projects and activities, consult the 2016 Year in Review document hereof.




Protecting your natural treasures

Restoring Cap-des-Rosiers Beach

A new kind of project carried out in close collaboration with Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR), not just to bring back the beach for swimming and recreation but also to restore coastal habitat for all kinds of wildlife and vegetation. Positive effects are already showing up - the capelin roll was back in 2016 as the fish deposited their eggs on the beach!

Bats Below the Radar

This year we conducted a bat count in the park. The ultrasound sensors we used could do more than just find bats, they could usually even tell us what species they were.

Seabird Count

We are closely monitoring the health status of our colonies of black-legged kittiwakes, razorbills, common murres, black guillemots, double-crested cormorants, herring gulls, and great black-backed gulls. On the whole, our experts judged Forillon's seabird colonies in fine fettle. Just what we like to hear!

Protecting your cultural treasures   


Work to fix up Fort Peninsula began this year and will include wooden and concrete wall reinforcement, surface touch-ups, and trail improvements. A real rejuvenation for this remnant of the former navy base at Gaspé, a key Canadian military stronghold during the Second World War.

Archaeological Finds

We have carried out preventive archeology work in several areas of the park to ensure that ongoing infrastructure works will not damage potential archaeological resources.

Among their findings were pre-Columbian artifacts on Penouille, such as blank flakes and tools fragments. Cap-des-Rosiers yielded human bones and eight complete skeletons near the Monument of the Irish. Watch for further developments.

Awesome experiences

Micro-Cube, mega comfort

Parks Canada tested several new types of accommodations all across the country in summer 2016. And so the Micro-Cube made its debut at Forillon National Park. Perfect for a romantic getaway! 

New VIP Adventures, talks and learning activities 

Le bal des oiseaux (The Dance of the Birds)
Pagaie au clair de lune (Paddle by Moonlight, with Écorécréo)
Pêcheurs unissez-vous! (Fisherfolk, Unite!)
La grange Blanchette s’anime! (The Blanchette’s Barn Gets Going)
La mer le sait, le diable s’en doute… ou pas! (The Ocean Knows, the Devil Might Guess—or Not!)
La périlleuse aventure de la baleine à bosse (The Humpback Whale’s Harrowing Adventure)
Forillon sous les étoiles (Forillon Under the Stars)
Les épaves de la bataille du Saint-Laurent (Battle of the St. Lawrence Shipwrecks) 

Sunrise concert 

An audience of 700 were out on the Cap Bon Ami cliffs at 5 a.m., August 14, falling under the spell of Milk and Bone. An absolute must of the Festival Musique du Bout du Monde!  

First running of the Ultra-Trail du Bout du Monde

Nearly 250 runners from Quebec, the Maritimes, and the United States took part in this event, presented in partnership with Land’s End Expedition Racing on September 23 and 24. Congrats!

The most beautiful classroom around

We welcomed over 400 school kids this year from Gaspé, Rivière-au-Renard, L'Anse-au-Griffon, Belle-Anse, and even Caplan. 


Working with you

Operation Spring Cleaning

Forillon National Park partnered again this year with Green Brigade and the City of Gaspé to get the public out for Operation Spring Cleaning on May 21. What a great feeling it is to really do something together for the health of the world we live in!

Winter partnership with Le Griffon Cultural Centre

Again this year, the Greater Gaspé community will have the opportunity to enjoy winter in Forillon, thanks to our partnership with the Comité de l'entrepôt de L'Anse-au-Griffon for the maintenance of the Le Portage and La Vallée cross-country ski and snowshoe trails.

Special events and athletic challenges, such as the Gran Fondo Forillon, the Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie and TDLG’s Gaspe ski/snowshoe and foot treks.

Ongoing collaboration with the Mi’gmaq Community of Gespeg, the City of Gaspé and a number of regional organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Gaspé, Escale Gaspésie, Gaspésie Tourism, Québec Maritime, Festival Musique du Bout du Monde, Association of Persons Expropriated from Forillon and Their Descendants, Côte-de-Gaspé RCM, Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles, and more.


Historic investments

Big investments are being made to protect our shared treasures, upgrade our infrastructure, and enhance your experience of the park.

Projects InvestmentsScheduled completion 

Restoration Penouille Peninsula Project

$4.8 million Completed
Redevelopment of Loop A at Petit-Gaspé Campground $724,000 Fall 2016
Rehabilitation of Fort-Peninsula $1.3 million Fall 2017
Inspection of road bridges/footbridges and carryout necessary repair $700,000 Fall 2017
Reconstruction of Route 132 $22.7 million Spring 2018
Reconstruction of Cap-des-Rosiers Harbour - Phase 2 $6.6 million Fall 2018
Cap-des-Rosiers Beach Restoration $7,1 million Fall 2018
Reconstruction and Upgrading of the Interpretation Centre $7.2 million Winter 2020
Restoration of the Heritage Infrastructures Used by Visitors $2.4 million Winter 2020
Reconstruction of the Operational Centre $10.4 million Winter 2020