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Forillon National Park of Canada

Cap-des-Rosiers Upgrading Work to Conclude Soon

Parks Canada Pursues its Investments in Forillon National Park

Cap-des-Rosiers harbour Parks Canada is on the way to completing work at the Cap-des-Rosiers harbour, in Forillon National Park
© Parks Canada

January 29, 2014 - Gaspé (Québec) - Parks Canada is well on the way to finishing major upgrading work in the Cap-des-Rosiers harbour area in Forillon National Park. This $1.8 million investment will serve to revitalize and enhance the park’s North sector, which is destined to become a major pole in the presentation of natural heritage through memorable visitor experiences.

The objective of this upgrading project is two-fold. To begin with, it will contribute to preserving and breathing new life into this harbour, for the benefit of local fishers and recreational boaters. Secondly, it will help enhance the experience provided to visitors of the park’s North sector by fostering interaction with fishers and creating an inviting setting.

The Cap-des-Rosiers harbour will thus be ready to play host to visitors and fishers for the 2014 summer season.

Quick Facts

  • Upgrading work will consist primarily in using a protective riprap to consolidate the pier facings and the basin interior. At some time in the future, this work will contribute to the installation of new floating pontoons with a view to offering a discovery cruise service. Upgrading also entails improving the Rivière Whalen bridge adjoining the harbour and remediating contaminated soils. 

  • Begun in fall 2013, this major work will come to an end in spring 2014 with the finishing stage (e.g., clean-up, ground levelling, seeding, etc.). 

  • Created in 1970, Forillon National Park is the first park in the Parks Canada network in Quebec and covers an area of 244 km2

  • Forillon National Park is a major tourist attraction and economic driving force on the Gaspé Peninsula. It employs close to 120 people in the peak season. Since 2008, more than $14 million have been invested in capital projects.


“Upgrading the harbour is one of the commitments made by Parks Canada in Forillon’s most recent management plan, as part of revitalizing the park’s North sector. We are proud to see the work at the Cap-des-Rosiers harbour nearing completion.”
Mr. Stéphane Marchand, Superintendent, Forillon National Park, Parks Canada

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Michel Queenton 
External Relations Manager
Gaspésie Field Unit, Parks Canada