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Cyclists Descend on Forillon Park

Parks Canada Joins Forces with Club Vélocipeg for the 2013 Bouette et Bitume Cycling Festival

Bouette et Bitume 2012 Photo: Pierre-Mark Lavoie

Gaspé (Quebec), August 15, 2013 – Parks Canada and Club Vélocipeg de Gaspé are joining forces to hold the Fondo component of the Festival cycliste Bouette et Bitume 2013 in Forillon National Park. For the second year in a row, cyclists will take up two major sporting challenges, the Gran Fondo Forillon and the Medio Fondo Forillon, in the heart of some of the most spectacular landscapes in Canada.

What is a Fondo?

 The Italian expression Gran fondo may be loosely translated into English as “big ride”. In the world of cycling, this term refers to a timed race combining the pleasure of a bicycle ride with the excitement of competition. This type of event, which has been very popular in Europe for decades, is gradually gaining ground in North America.

Bouette et Bitume 2012 © Parks Canada, Serge Ouellet

Cyclists are invited to take part in the Gran Fondo Forillon on Sunday, September 1. During this 95-km trek around Forillon Peninsula, participants will bicycle in a friendly atmosphere through Forillon Park and picturesque villages such as L’Anse-au-Griffon, Cap-des-Rosiers and Cap-aux-Os. The Medio Fondo Forillon follows a superb 45-km route between the Grande-Grave heritage site (in the South Area of the park) and downtown Gaspé.

(Re-)discover the joy of cycling

The Bouette et Bitume cycling festival, like Forillon National Park, helps to position the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula as one of Québec’s “must-see” outdoor destinations. With its festive and appealing program, the festival invites all cycling enthusiasts, from beginners to the highly experienced, to take part in a thrilling adventure in a magnificent setting. “The Bouette et Bitume festival reflects Parks Canada’s commitment to foster inspiring encounters between local residents and the treasures that we protect on their behalf,” explained Parks Canada Superintendent for the Gaspé Peninsula, Stephane Marchand.

Bouette et Bitume 2012 © Parks Canada, Serge Ouellet

According to Jean-François Tapp, President of the Club Vélocipeg de Gaspé, “The Gran Fondo Forillon gives athletes a unique opportunity to meet a cycling challenge on a course that is second to none in Canada and, at the same time, enjoy everything that the Gaspé Peninsula has to offer!”

Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm that Parks Canada joins Club Vélocipeg de Gaspé to invite you to participate in large numbers in the Festival cycliste Bouette et Bitume 2013. To register or obtain more information, visit the festival’s website at or the “Gaspé Bouette et Bitume” Facebook page.