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Forillon National Park

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Major projects now underway

Thanks to unprecedented investment at Forillon National Park, Parks Canada is seeking to upgrade several infrastructures and meet a range of challenges related to climate change. All these projects will serve to maximize visitor experience, as well as protect and present our natural and cultural assets. 


Coastal restoration

A $11.8 M investment
Forillon is adapting to climate change thanks to major work aimed at restoring the natural dynamics of the local coastal ecosystem. The goal is to protect these exceptional environments and ensure the long-term recreational uses associated with these areas. Work is scheduled to end in spring 2018.

  • Cap-des-Rosiers beach restoration ($7 M)
    Restoration work is scheduled to begin in 2016 and last until 2018. In particular, this project includes dismantling of the road and protective riprap structure so as to recreate the natural beach that existed before the road was built. It also involves building a multipurpose trail between the town and harbour of Cap-des-Rosiers as well as installations presenting the marsh and the Carrick's history.
  • Restoration of the Penouille peninsula ($4.8 M)
    This project is now coming to a close. It has included replacing the asphalted trail segment by a boardwalk, moving services offered on the point into a new building adapted to the coastal dynamics, as well as developing new recreational facilities in keeping with shoreline characteristics. In 2016, work will resume with the planting of sand ryegrass as part of efforts to maintain the beach.
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Video - Forillon tackles the challenge of coastal erosion

Rebuilding of  the Road 132

A $22.7 M investment
Parks Canada is carrying out major work rebuilding the Route 132 in the vicinity of Cap-des-Rosiers and Cap-aux-Os. This project will make it possible to offer visitors new experiences in a safer, more environmentally friendly setting. Work is scheduled to end in fall 2018.

Video - 3D modeling - Phase 2 of Route132 rebuilding work   

Upgrading the bassin at the Cap-des-Rosiers Harbour

A $4.7 M investment
Revitalization of the harbour basin will serve to enhance visitor experience in this area. In particular, this work is designed to create an environment conducive to outings, in particular by promoting interaction between fishers and visitors and by offering opportunities for new experiences, such as a discovery cruise in the North Area. This work stream has now been completed.

Rehabilitation of Fort-Peninsula

A $1.3 M investment
Infrastructure upgrading and updating of on-site interpretation, including consolidation of the shore battery’s wood and concrete walls, touch-up and finishing of wall surfaces, vegetation management, trail improvement, etc. Work is scheduled to end in fall 2017.

Upgrading of campsites

A $448 K investment
As part of work redeveloping Loop A at the Petit-Gaspé campground, sites will be reconfigured so as to accommodate bigger recreational vehicles (RVs). Electric and water hook-up will be provided. Vegetation management work will be conducted. Work is scheduled to begin in fall 2016. 

Inspection of road bridges and footbridges

A $700 K investment
Several infrastructures are also slated for upgrading. Work will focus on protecting and repairing bridge decks and abutments, as well as shores. This project is scheduled to end in fall 2017.