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Forillon National Park of Canada

Cross-Country Skiing

For a second year, Forillon National Park made a partnership agreement with the Centre culturel Le Griffon (Comité de l’entrepôt de L’Anse-au-Griffon) and volunteers will oversee skiing trail grooming.

Trail conditions:  
Phone : 418-368-5505


Ski trails

Departure points for the cross-country ski trails:

  • Le Portage parking area, near Penouille; 
  • La Vallée parking area, at L'Anse-au-Griffon;

La Vallée

Length: 9.2 km (round trip)
Access: 1 km from Route 132, at L'Anse-au-Griffon.
Features: Fairly flat terrain, sheltered from the wind, this trail follows the Anse-au-Griffon River and eventually reaches Le Portage trail.
A shelter (the Répit Nord) is located at the trail's mid-point.

Le Portage

Length: 20 km (round trip)
Access: 0.5 km from Route 132, near Penouille.
1 km from Route 132, at L'Anse-au-Griffon
Features: In the south, the trail passes through a wooded area, and opens onto fields further north.

Important : « Le Castor », « Le Ruisseau » and « La Cédrière » trails are not usable and shelters not accessible (Castor and Ruisseau).


Open building

The Grande-Grave service building is the only one that will be kept open. Since the trail to get there will not be groomed, snowshoers and backcountry skiers will enjoy access to this building to rest and to warm up.

The shelter the Répit Nord is open.

Due to the major work at Penouille, the building will not be open this winter.

Upkeep according to the principle of “Leave no traces”

Please note that all users are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of buildings. Remember: park employees are unable to see to the upkeep of these buildings.


Cleared parking lots

  • Le Portage parking area, near Penouille; 
  • Penouille parking area; 
  • La Vallée parking area at L'Anse-au-Griffon. 
  • an area along Boulevard Grande-Grève (the South sector access road); 
  • an area along the North sector access road (located fairly close to “Le Castor” trail);

Please note that Le Castor parking area will not be cleared of snow.



  • Marked and maintained trails are for skiers exclusively. 
  • Domestic animals are not allowed in shelters and on trails, except on Le Portage trail where dogsledding is permitted. 
  • Some circuits are shared by snowshoers, skiers, and dogsledders. Be cautious. 
  • All Parks Canada regulations apply in winter as in summer.


Code of Conduct

  • Please obey the signs on the trails. 
  • Keep at reasonable distance from the skier in front of you. 
  • On down-slopes, wait until the person in front of you has reached the bottom before starting down. 
  • Move off the trail promptly if you fall or decide to stop. 
  • Offer your assistance to anyone in difficulty. 
  • Whenever you encounter a snowmobile in the process of grooming a trail, please step off the trail in order to let it through. Your collaboration is appreciated!


Safety guidelines

In the event of an an emergency, call 911.

To reach the park’s public safety unit:

  • 1-888-762-1422 (24/24)
  • 418-892-5553 (office hours)