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Forillon National Park


What would you say to a bike outing? Forillon offers an array of cycling options in some truly breathtaking natural environments!

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is permitted on three gravel hiking trails. For safety reasons, all other trails are reserved for hikers.

Le Portage: 20 km (round trip)

  • This trail crosses through a wooded area and overgrown fields.
  • The area offers good opportunities for observing wildlife, including the black bear.
  • A picnic area is located at about the halfway point.

La Vallée: 9.2 km (round trip)

  • This trail winds its ways along the peaceful Anse-au-Griffon River and meets up with the Le Portage trail.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife along this narrow trail.
  • A picnic area is located at the halfway point.

Les Graves, between Anse-aux-Amérindiens and Cap-Gaspé: 8 km (round trip)

  • A picnic area is located at the halfway point (i.e., at Cap-Gaspé, which boasts a spectacular view).

Road cycling

Penouille trail: 4 km (round trip)

  • The trail surface is partly in asphalt and partly in wood (footbridge).
  • The trail travels alongside a beautiful beach (ideal for bathing), a saltmarsh and a wooded area.
  • A picnic area and a playground are located alongside this trail.

The park’s secondary roads, located in the North and South Areas, are also open to cycling.


  • The use of a bike helmet is strongly recommended.
  • Travel in single file on the park’s secondary roads.
  • Cyclists must continue to keep their eyes on the road: mountain biking trails are also used by hikers and park vehicles.
  • Remain on the trail and inside fenced areas.
  • Follow any posted warning or instructions (section of trail closed, steep cliffs, etc.). 

Equipment rental

  • At Grande-Grave, at Cap Aventure: mountain bikes
    From June 13 to September 13
    Tel: 418-892-5056

  • At Penouille, at the Écorécréo rental centre: bicycles, electric bicycles, quadricycles (3-seater) and self-balancing personal transporters (Segways).
    From mid-June to September 7
    Tel: 418-360-7292 (in french)  

Gran Fondo Forillon

Presented in partnership with the Bouette et Bitume cycling festival, the event known as the Gran Fondo Forillon offers four one-of-a-kind race courses surrounded by stunning seascapes and landscapes. The GFF is a sport cycling event boasting one of the longest uphill climbs in Canada. Take your pick of courses running 40, 80,  120 and 160 kilometres – you’re sure to find one that’s suited to your level. You might even be so lucky as to see a whale or a moose while you’re out riding!