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Forillon National Park


Watch a blue whale, the largest animal on the planet, and swim in the area’s warmest water on the same day - it’s possible at Forillon! Hiking and visiting historic sites will provide a better understanding of the region’s richness. Go cycling, watch marine mammals and dive into the world of cod fishers.

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Dauphins à flancs blancs dans les eaux de Forillon

Get up close and personal with sea mammals
Paddle, cruise or snorkel and try to spot the seven species of whales that frequent the waters along Forillon Park. As well as the impressive blue whale, rorquals, dolphins and seals might approach to greet you.

Jeune garçon qui fait un château de sable sur la plage au soleil.

Bask on Penouille Beach and discover its plant and wildlife
A unique peninsula, Penouille is a pleasure for families and vacationers alike. Inside the Gaspé Bay, the immense sand beach lulls you into idleness. But be sure to get up - there’s also a lot to explore

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