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Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada

Jumping and Diving Prohibited

Jumping and diving from Covehead Bridge is a dangerous activity that is prohibited by Parks Canada.

“Parks Canada wishes to remind the public that jumping and diving from Covehead Bridge is a dangerous activity that is prohibited, as clearly indicated on signage on the bridge, for public and boater safety. The minimum fine for jumping off the bridge is $175,” explains Lori-Anne Duffy, Park Warden.

Jumping from Covehead Bridge could result in:

· Potentially fatal or life-threatening collisions between swimmers/jumpers and marine vessels
· Head, neck and spinal injuries from hitting bottom when shallow water conditions exist
· Serious and life-threatening injuries such as cuts, slashes and impalement due to underwater hazards

Covehead is an active fishing harbour and the channel under the bridge is used regularly by both fishing boats and pleasure crafts. There have been a number of near collisions between bridge jumpers and vessels travelling under the bridge. Tidal fluctuations occurring twice daily result in significant changes in water depth and strong currents. In addition, hazardous underwater features exist, including bridge footings and sharp metal sheathing.

Parks Canada invites visitors to enjoy a safe and fun summer at Prince Edward Island National Park. For more information call 672-6350.