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Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada

Map 1: Cavendish

Sought out by visitors for decades for its beautiful sandy beaches, Cavendish has become famous around the world for its connections to author L.M. Montgomery and her stories about Anne Shirley, the spunky, red-headed heroine of 'Anne of Green Gables'. A favourite stop for visitors all summer long, Cavendish through to North Rustico offers not only the beautiful beach but also some of the best views around of the signature rugged, red sandstone cliffs of PEI’s North Shore.

Cavendish map 2016

Locations and Services/Facilities
LocationServices and Facilities
Cavendish Campground Swimming, Campground, Parking
Cavendish Grove Picnic Area, Exhibit, Parking, Washrooms
Cavendish Beach Complex Exhibit, Swimming, Canteen, Parking, Washrooms
Oceanview Lookoff Lookout / Birdwatching, Picnic Area, Parking
Cavendish Destination Centre Information, Wheelchair Access, Parking, Washrooms
L.M. Montgomery's Cavendish Home Wheelchair Access, Exhibit, Gift Shop
Green Gables Heritage Place Information, Wheelchair Access, Exhibit, Canteen, Gift Shop
Green Gables Golf Course Canteen, Golf
MacNeill's Brook Lookout / Birdwatching
MacKenzie's Brook Parking
Orby Head Lookout / Birdwatching
Cape Turner Washrooms
North Rustico Beach Washrooms, Swimming, Parking


1: Homestead

2: Cavendish Dunelands

3: Clarks Lane

4: Cavendish Beach Trail

5: Balsam Hollow

6: Haunted Wood

7: Gulf Shore Way West