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Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada

ShoreLINES: Heritage Notes from Parks Canada's Special Protected Places in PEI

Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Cavendish

Green Gables Heritage Place is internationally known as the inspiration for the idyllic setting in author Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic and beloved book, Anne of Green Gables. Green Gables is located adjacent to the Site of Lucy Maud Montgomery's Cavendish home. Together, the two sites form L.M. Montgomery’s Cavendish National Historic Site. Green Gables house and the adjacent landscape have been decorated as Montgomery described in her novel, and they depict a typical Prince Edward Island farm of the late 1800s. A visit to this unique treasured place will allow you to experience the magic that inspired Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic and beloved book, Anne of Green Gables.

The house known as Green Gables originally belonged to Montgomery’s cousins, brother and sister David Jr. and Margaret Macneill. Although Montgomery never lived in the home herself, she grew up nearby with her grandparents, Alexander and Lucy Macneill. Many places within this landscape held special meaning for Montgomery, and she drew inspiration from this peaceful setting throughout her writing career.

Visitors to Green Gables Heritage Place in 2012 will be able to travel back in time to the days of L.M. Montgomery as they participate in the special ceilidh program “Along the Cavendish Road.” This musical program explores the Cavendish community and events in the late 1800’s that inspired Lucy Maud Montgomery’s famous works and led to her conclusion that “Old Prince Edward Island” was a great place in which to be born and raised. Learn about the families that settled Cavendish – the Simpsons, the Clarks and the Macneills and all about what they did to earn a livelihood through early agriculture and fishing activities. Visitors will hear about the wreck of the Marco Polo, through the eyes of eight-year old L.M. Montgomery. Once hailed the fastest ship in the world, it ran aground off the coast of Cavendish in a storm in July 1883.

This program offers a truly magical original experience and visitors will feel author L.M. Montgomery’s spirit as they see Cavendish through her eyes. “Along the Cavendish Road” will be offered on Mondays 2:00 pm in French and on Tuesdays at 2:00 pm in English in July and August at Green Gables Heritage Place. Regular admission fees apply. For more information about Green Gables Heritage Place, please call 902-963-7874 or visit us online at

Parks Canada is pleased to foster understanding and appreciation of our special heritage places by sharing the stories of our land and people with Canadians.