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Prince Edward Island National Park of Canada

Student Achievement at Provincial Science Fairs

Parks Canada proudly presented awards to four island students for two excellent projects at the Provincial Science Fairs held on April 3 and April 24th, 2013. The awards were presented to students for their outstanding projects related to natural resources and/or coastal ecology in Prince Edward Island National Park.

In the Grades 4 to 6 category, SoumyaDeep Chowdhury and Matthew Kozma, Grade 6 students from West Kent Elementary, were recognized for their well thought out project, “Shoreline Erosion.” This project describes a 6-month survey of coastal soil erosion at Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island. Discussion included information on plant life, specifically marram grass and tree cover in erosion rates, and various methods to decrease coastal erosion.

In the Grade 7 to 12 category, Jessica Perry and Reiley MacDonald, Grade 7 students from Georgetown Elementary, were recognized for their project, “PEI Erosion.” Their project was designed to show the effects of erosion and the students also provided helpful tips on how to prevent or slow down the effects of erosion.

Parks Canada works with partners to recognize and support youth educational opportunities related to Canada’s natural and cultural heritage. We also offer a variety of interpretive programs and exciting special events at PEI National Park each summer for Islanders and visitors alike.

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