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Pukaskwa National Park


Reservation Policy in the Front Country

Hattie Cove Campground:

Hattie Cove Campground operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

Reservation Policy in the Backcountry

Backcountry Campsites

2017 Parks Canada Reservation Service

You can reserve backcountry campsites (Mdaabii Miikna, Coastal Hiking Trail and Coastal Paddling Route) on-line at or by telephone at 1-877-RESERVE (1-877-737-3783) or by calling the park at 807-229-0801.

  • Reservation launch date is January 19, 2017.
  • Operating season is from May 15 to October 14.
  • Online service fees are $11.00 per reservation, modification or cancellation and call centre fees are $13.50 per reservation, modification or cancellation.
  • The number of parties permitted into the backcountry is limited in order to minimize environmental impacts along the coast.
  • A mandatory backcountry orientation is required before staying overnight in the park’s backcountry.
  • If you are accessing the park via water from its south or north access points, please call the park ahead of time so that arrangements for your permit can be made.
  • The park reserves the right to cancel any backcountry outing for any reason that may jeopardise visitor safety.

Note: Please contact the park for White and Pukaskwa River reservations at 807-229-0801.