Pukaskwa National Park of Canada

Pukaskwa's Top 10!

1) Best First Nations Cultural Experience: Hiker’s/Paddler’s Smudge

Prepare your whole being for Pukaskwa’s wilderness with a smudge at the Anishinaabe Camp in Hattie Cove. While there, you can offer tobacco to seek and give thanks to the Great Spirit for inspiration and protection on your journey. 

2) Best Viewpoint: Sunset on Manito Miikana

Watch the sunset over the world’s largest freshwater lake from Manito Miikana, “The Spirit Trail.” Viewing decks on peninsula’s headland are the perfect spot for an awe-inspiring picnic. 

3) Best Swim: Horseshoe Beach

Escape the afternoon sun by cooling down in Lake Superior’s refreshing waters, or simply sit and watch the waves crash in. 

4) Best Wildlife Spot: Hattie Cove

The intersection of Lake Superior coastline, boreal forest, and pristine wetlands makes Hattie Cove a hot-spot of biodiversity and the ideal place to see bald eagles, moose, bears, and beavers. 

5) Best Trail: Bimose Kinoomagewnan

Learn the Seven Grandfather Teachings from Ojibway elders and youth on Bimose Kinoomagewnan, the “Walk of Teachings.” Read elders’ stories about love, honesty, respect, wisdom, truth, humility, and bravery in local culture. 

6) Best Day Hike: White River Suspension Bridge

If you’re craving adventure, this 18km return hike takes you on the most demanding section of the Coastal Hiking Trail. The reward? The view from the new White River Suspension Bridge, hanging 23m above Chigamiwinigum Falls.

7) Best Paddle: Coastal Paddling Route

Test your skills on Lake Superior’s most remote coastline as you explore the iconic Cascade Falls or the ruins of Pic Depot village, both accessible only by water. For a one-way trip, treat yourself to a shuttle with McCuaig’s Water Taxi Service. 

8) Best Campsite: Picture Rock Harbour

If you’re as lucky as Astronaut Roberta Bondar, perhaps you’ll encounter the elusive Woodland Caribou here. Otherwise, this protected bay of sand beaches and hidden pictographs is the perfect haven to wait out a Lake Superior storm. Accessible via the Coastal Paddling Route.

9) Best Backcountry Hike: Coastal Hiking Trail

Be the first to hike the rebuilt Coastal Hiking Trail, Ontario’s premier wilderness hiking experience. These 58kms of Lake Superior’s wild north shore will transform even the most seasoned backpacker.

10) Best Mystery: Shot Watch Cove

Can you solve the mystery of a watch found here in 1970 with a hole shot through it? While you ponder it, enjoy the Cove’s Superior sunsets, cobble and sand beaches, and natural shoreline swimming holes. Accessible via both the Coastal Hiking Trail and Coastal Paddling Route.