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Pukaskwa National Park

Important Information About Fees

  • Parks Canada establishes prices nationally using a tiered system that groups similar parks and sites. This means that Pukaskwa charges the same entry fees as Georgian Bay Islands and Terra Nova National Parks because each offers similar levels of service and facilities.
  • In the past Pukaskwa National Park has not charged entry fees to campers. Beginning in 2004, the park will be charging all visitors, including campers, a basic daily entry fee – a practice used across the system of Canada’s national parks.
  • Prices are consistent with similar high-quality heritage attractions in Canada and internationally.
  • Canadian tax dollars fully pay for the establishment of new parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas, as well as the protection of ecological integrity.
  • Fees help pay for services and facilities from which park visitors personally benefit, such as roads, trails, interpretive exhibits and programs, washrooms, picnic shelters and day-use areas, garbage collection and parking.
  • Many visitor facilities in national parks and national historic sites were built in the 1950s to early 1970s. They have reached the end of their normal life cycles and need to be rebuilt or replaced. We can do this by raising prices, or we can maintain our current prices and reduce costs by closing facilities and discontinuing services.
  • Canadians have made it clear that, given a choice, they would rather pay more to visit Canada’s national parks and national historic sites than to see facilities and services cut back or eliminated.
  • Parks Canada spends revenue in the parks and sites where it is collected to sustain visitor services and facilities.
  • Parks Canada provides price incentives to families, youth, seniors and frequent visitors.
  • Entry fees are not charged on Canada Day.
  • All adjustments to user fees are required to be tabled in parliament.