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Pukaskwa National Park of Canada

Winter Exploration

Winter Exploration at Pukaskwa National Park
Winter Exploration at Pukaskwa National Park
© Parks Canada

Looking for a winter adventure? Pukaskwa’s waiting for you! Park at the winter gate located two kilometres before the campground and hike, ski, or snowshoe your way into the park.

Looking for a winter adventure?  Pukaskwa is waiting for you! Looking for a winter adventure? Pukaskwa is waiting for you!
© Parks Canada

Visitor Centre

Soak in the spectacular views of Hattie Cove, tap into the free Wi-Fi, and sip a cup of coffee all from the warmth of the Visitor Centre. The Centre is open for special events during the winter. If you’re interested in bringing a group for a winter adventure, please call the park at 807-229-0801.

Cross-Country Ski

A four kilometre, groomed loop starts at the winter gate and winds towards Hattie Cove and the Visitor Centre.


Explore the park’s trails and beaches under the cover of snow. Follow the tracks made by fox, snowshoe hare, muskrat, and otters that play here year round.


Go for it – with a little bit of work, you can have the whole campground to yourselves! Register and leave your vehicle at the winter gate before making your way down to the campground for a spectacular adventure. The water is off, but electricity and portable toilets are available. 

Exercise caution regarding exposure to the elements. The park is a cold environment prone to rapid weather changes. Be aware of the effects of hypothermia, dehydration, and over-exertion. Know your limitations and take the necessary precautions. Remember - you are responsible for your own safety.

During week days, feel free to drop by the Park's Administration Office to chat with Park staff.  They can help you plan your outing, update you on conditions, and would love to hear of your experience before you head home.