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Pukaskwa National Park

Day Hiking and Suggested Trips

Day Hiking and Suggested Trips

Easy Walks | Moderate Hikes | Challenging Hikes

Hattie Cove Map Hattie Cove Area Map
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For the best experience, take water and a snack, and wear sturdy shoes. Be prepared for changes in weather, and let someone know your plans. Rocks and boardwalks become slippery when wet. Easy and Moderate trails have stairways and boardwalks to help you navigate steep cliffs and wet sections, but some rock-hopping and short, steep climbs may be necessary. On Challenging trails, expect to use your navigational skills over difficult terrain with long, strenuous climbs, rock scrambling, and few built structures.

Easy Walks

Beach Trail
Length: 1.5km/0.9mi
Elevation Change: 5m/16’
Stroll down the boardwalk to some of Pukaskwa’s famous driftwood beaches. Along the way, discover the delicate beauty of the dunes. Horseshoe Beach is the perfect place to take a dip in Lake Superior or simply sit and watch the waves roll in.

Moderate Hikes

Manito Miikana
Length: 2.0km/1.2mi
Change in Elevation: 17m/56’
Want to slip away for a moment of peace and relaxation? Hike Manitou Miikana, “the Spirit Trail.” Peek through a rocky ravine as you climb up for panoramic views of Lake Superior and the Pic River Dunes. Rest and enjoy the beauty from two viewing decks along the trail.

Southern Headland Trail
Length: 2.2km/1.4mi
Elevation Change: 15m/49’
Experience the ‘wild shore of an inland sea.’ This rugged trail juts into Lake Superior with views of Hattie Cove, Pulpwood Harbour, and Horseshoe Bay. Look for tiny arctic-alpine plants, including bird’s-eye primrose and encrusted saxifrage, hiding from Superior’s storms.

Bimose Kinoomagewnan
Length: 2.6km/1.6mi
Elevation Change: 12m/39’
Learn the Seven Grandfather Teachings from Ojibway elders and youth on Bimose Kinoomagewnan, the “Walk of Teachings.” Read elders’ stories about love, honesty, respect, wisdom, truth, humility, and bravery in local culture. See how the next generation understands these teachings through their accompanying artwork as you hike around Halfway Lake.

Combination Hike
Length: 6.3 km

Feel up to a longer hike? Pack a lunch, lace up your boots and do all three hiking trails! This trip has it all - awesome lookouts, shady forest and a serene inland lake! Starting at the Visitor Centre, follow the Southern Headland Trail to Horseshoe Beach. Then, join onto the Beach Trail and go along the shore to where the trail ends at the North Loop Campground. Walk past a few campsites and you’re at the Halfway Lake Trail. Take the trail all around the lake and end at the road. Walk back to the Visitor Centre. You did it!

Challenging Hikes

White River Suspension Bridge via Coastal Hiking Trail
Length: 9km one way, 18km/11.2mi return
Elevation Change: 15m/49’
Craving adventure? This full-day hike to the White River Suspension Bridge is not for the faint of heart. Part of the rugged and beautiful Coastal Hiking Trail, the White River Suspension Bridge crosses 23m high above Chigamiwinigum Falls. Check in with park staff for current trail conditions. We strongly recommend taking food, water, sunscreen, bug protection, and a topographic map.

Coastal Hiking Trail
Length: 60km one way
Elevation Change: Wish you knew, eh?/Y’all really want to know?
The Coastal Hiking Trail is Ontario’s premier wilderness hiking experience. These 60 kms of Lake Superior’s wild north shore will transform even the most seasoned backpacker.