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Protecting Middle Island in Point Pelee National Park

Parks Canada's process for managing hyper-abundant wildlife populations

Analyze the situation

  • In the case of Middle Island, forest canopy is degrading at an alarming rate Why?
  • Cormorant nests had increased exponentially over the past 23 years of monitoring


  • Concludes the cormorant population is hyper-abundant and cormorant nest densities are causing damage to the Ecological Integrity of the island- specifically to the species at risk

These acts:

And the

DIRECTIVE: Management of Hyper-abundant Wildlife Population in Canada's National Parks

Outline the steps to creating a conservation plan

Some of the steps include:

  • Choosing the appropriate method for management
  • Consulting the public
  • Review of animal care protocols
  • Undergoing an environmental assessment

Parks Canada creates a conservation plan: MIDDLE ISLAND CONSERVATION PLAN