Point Pelee National Park

Point Pelee Advisory Committee Recruitment Campaign

Everyone Needs a Hand

Help Parks Canada protect and present Point Pelee National Park. Become a volunteer member of the Advisory Committee of Local Citizens.

Point Pelee National Park is a special part of Essex County and one of Canada’s national treasures. A diverse mosaic of ecosystems – beach, savannah, forest and marsh, the Park is home to many rare and endangered plants and animals. The Park is an oasis for migrating birds and butterflies, which stop to rest and feed on their long journeys. Welcoming almost 300,000 visitors each year, the Park pumps more than $10 million annually into the local economy. Point Pelee National Park is a place of peace and solitude in a busy world where people come to connect with nature.

Caring for this spectacular national park is complex and requires a balancing of needs and expectations for conservation, recreation, education, tourism, and business. Parks Canada is reaching out to involve those around us. By sharing knowledge, experiences and expertise, we can make better decisions for the management of the Park today and ensure we fulfill our obligations to future generations. The Point Pelee National Park Advisory Committee of Local Citizens is one of our key community connections. We invite you to share your passion and volunteer as a member of the Advisory Committee.

We are recruiting volunteers for the Point Pelee National Park Advisory Committee of Local Citizens. Interested in education, ecology, recreation, tourism, business or community involvement? Visit or have a personal connection with the Park? Live within 60km of the Park?

What is the Point Pelee National Park Advisory Committee of Local Citizens?

The Advisory Committee of Local Citizens is a group of twenty-five volunteers who meet with park managers at least twice a year. The Advisory Committee may meet more often and/or sub-committees may be formed to address specific park challenges and opportunities.

In a forum similar to round table discussions or a focus group, the Advisory Committee of Local Citizens may be asked to advise park management on:

  • Planning and implementation of visitor services and programs, conservation and restoration activities and renewal of park infrastructure;
  • Tourism and marketing strategies and partnering;
  • Mechanisms to communicate with and engage local communities and the effectiveness of those communications;
  • Perceptions and understandings of specific management initiatives such as ecological integrity, ‘citizen science’ opportunities, visitor services, facilities and education;
  • Content of specific management strategies such as revenue generation, volunteers, etc; and
  • Review and update of the Park Management Plan.

You will also be asked to:

  • Participate in orientation field trips and workshops to learn more about the park;
  • Participate in open houses and other public forums; and
  • Serve as an ambassador for the Advisory Committee of Local Citizens in the interest of keeping your community informed.

Who chooses the volunteer members of the Advisory Committee of Local Citizens?

Applications are reviewed by a sub-committee composed of current Advisory Committee members and Park managers. The goal is to maintain an Advisory Committee of Local Citizens that includes a diversity of ages, interests, values, expertise, education, occupations and cultures.

Confidential Application Form

Confidential Application Form (PDF, 140KB)

Point Pelee National Park Advisory Committee for Local Citizens
Application Deadline: February 28, 2014

Send to or Drop Off at:
Point Pelee National Park
407 Monarch Lane
Leamington, Ontario
N8H 3V4
Fax to: 519-322-1277
Email to: pelee.info@pc.gc.ca 

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