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Point Pelee National Park of Canada

Monthly Summaries of Autumn Migrants


October is essentially the end of the migration for most insectivorous birds such as flycatchers, swallows, thrushes, vireos and warblers.

Arrivals expected during the first half of October include:

Hairy Woodpecker*
Greater Scaup
Eastern Bluebird
Lesser Scaup
Evening Grosbeak*
White-winged Scoter
Pine Siskin*
Ruddy Duck
Fox Sparrow
Red-shouldered Hawk
Lapland Longspur


During the second half of October the following are to be expected:

Common Goldeneye
Rough-legged Hawk
Northern Bufflehead
Saw-whet Owl
Common Merganser
Snow Bunting

By mid-October, both ruby-crowned and golden-crowned kinglets are the most numerous land birds in Pelee's woodlands. During late October, black-capped chickadees may appear in numbers, and in exceptional years may appear by the thousands.