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Dark Sky Nights

Milkyway at Point Pelee
© Parks Canada / Photo Credit: Cale Best

Experience the wonders of the night sky

Celebrate the love on Valentine’s Day
February 14, 2015, park open until midnight

Bundle up, bring your binoculars and your favourite lawn chairs to the park to take in the sights and sounds of Point Pelee National Park and Dark Sky Preserve after dark! February is breeding season for some of our nocturnal species. Take in great views of the stars while listening for the haunting hoots of Great Horned Owls and coyotes singing for their mates.

Mini-Messier Marathon
March 14, 2015, 7:00 pm - midnight

Join members of Royal Astronomial Society of Canada at Point Pelee National Park, the darkest spot in Essex County, for a "Mini-Messier Marathon". Charles Messier was a famous French astronomer responsible for first observing over 100 deep sky objects. Saturday night, astronomers will focus their telescopes on many of these objects, some which were first observed by Messier over 240 years ago!

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These dates offer the darkest skies for optimum viewing due to their proximity to the new moon. Designated as a Dark Sky Preserve by the Windsor Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, the Park will be open until midnight. For the best star gazing encounters, we recommend you come equipped with binoculars or a telescope.

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