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Point Pelee National Park


Whether you love to hike a wooded trail, photograph a stunning sunset, glimpse rare bird species during spring and fall migration, paddle a canoe through a wetland brimming with life, picnic on a sandy beach, be dazzled by a kaleidoscope of dragon flies, blue jays and birds of prey or crunch through the pristine snow of a wintry landscape – Point Pelee National Park has it all in every season.

Featured experiences

Paddle the Wetlands

Learn paddling skills from your experienced guide as you explore Point Pelee Marsh on a Freighter Canoe excursion. Look for beavers, basking turtles, muskrats, herons, frogs, dragonflies dotted amongst the cattails.

The Festival of Birds

Experience spring migration at Point Pelee, the “Warbler Capital of Canada.” Enjoy a guided hike, try a Lunch and Learn session or explore on your own. Track your sightings for the 100 Species Challenge!

Picture That!

Grab your camera and capture different habitats at our five Picture Posts where special camera mounts will help you create 360° panoramic photos. Pose for great selfies and share your shots on our Facebook page.

Become a Tree Detective!

Fire up your GPS unit, grab your Botham Tree Trail coordinants and get ready to discover some of the 70 species of trees found in Point Pelee. Your exploration will take you through some of the oldest forest in the park, gathering clever clues from the signposts along the way to solve the mystery of the Botham Tree Trail Discovery!

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