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Thousand Islands National Park of Canada

2012 Photography Contest

Great prizes and guest judge professional photographer Michael Runtz!


Experiential perspective

How do you "picture" people enjoying the 1000 Islands? The Thousand Islands National Park 2012 Photo Contest is your chance to highlight real and inspiring moments enjoyed by park visitors. In addition to great prizes, your photo could receive national exposure!

The photo contest theme is "People in the Park." The idea behind this theme is for participants to show how they, or people close to them, enjoy the diverse experiences available within Thousand Islands National Park.

Photos must be of Thousand Islands National Park and should be taken from an experiential perspective, where the shot is taken as if it was with the photographer's own eyes. Judging the contest is one of Canada's most highly respected naturalists, nature photographers, and natural history authors, Michael Runtz, who will use his expertise and knowledge of the 1000 Islands to choose the best of the 2012 entries.

Prizes include gift certificates for Henry's – Canada's Digital Camera Store, and a 3-hour guided tour for two people with the 1000 Islands Kayaking Company. Winning photos may also be published on the Parks Canada brochures, website, and in the Thousand Islands National Park newsletter, the Pitch Pine Post.

What is experiential perspective?

Imagine your eyes were the camera lens. How do you see the park while you're walking with friends on the Jones Creek trails or kayaking down the St. Lawrence River? When taking experiential perspective, you want your pictures to show how you view Thousand Islands National Park in a creative, artistic and inspired way.

Entry Deadline is October 15th 2012. Entries can be submitted by:
Mail or delivered
to the Thousand Islands National Park office (2 County Road 5, Mallorytown, ON, K0E 1R0)
Email to

Contest details, entry forms, and submission guidelines (PDF)

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