Thousand Islands National Park of Canada

Effortless Escape in the Islands
Paddling the cool waters of Thousand Islands National Park is nearly effortless with the help of regional outfitters.
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Effortless Escape in the Islands

There’s nothing like escaping into the Canadian outdoors to help you unwind and reconnect with your loved ones. Paddling the cool waters of Thousand Islands National Park is nearly effortless with the help of regional outfitters. Experienced guides take care of every detail, from introductory lessons to en route snacks. The fresh air is good for the body and soul and trip planning is a breeze. To really indulge, opt in for a gourmet picnic of bioregional delicacies. As the sun sinks, return to shore refreshed and recharged.

Regional Outfitters

Island Facilities

  • Thousand Islands National Park welcomes outfitters and visitors to enjoy park islands on their trip.
  • Docks, beaching sites, composting toilets and picnic tables are available on all serviced islands.
  • Drinking water, ice, and bathrooms with electricity and flush toilets are available on Central Grenadier Island.
  • Knowledgeable island attendants circulate throughout the islands to serve you and maintain facilities, sell firewood and ice, assist with fee payment, help with concerns, and do their best to make your experience a positive one.
  • Enjoy hiking trails, campfire pits, and great swimming on the islands.
  • See our facilities and services page for more information.


  • Fees for visitors include beaching fees and, if relevant, camping and firewood fees. Beaching fees may be included in the price of a guided tour. Otherwise, guides will assist you with the payment of fees on the island. See our park fees page for more information.
  • Fees can be paid by cash or a cheque made out to the Receiver General for Canada. Signs on the deposit boxes outline the fee details and instructions for self-registration.
  • Fees remain in the park and are used to improve facilities and services.

For Your Comfort and Safety

  • Black legged ticks, potential carriers of Lyme disease and Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis, are common in Eastern Ontario and Thousand Islands National Park. Please visit our Ticks and Your Health page for more information on how to protect yourself.
  • The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), a highly destructive tree pest, has been spreading across Eastern Ontario and Canada. The park is asking that visitors use only park-provided firewood as it is guaranteed to be EAB-free. Respecting this regulation will slow the spread of EAB and protect our forests.
  • See our Visitor Safety page for complete park rules and regulations.