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Georgian Bay Islands National Park of Canada

Facilities and Services

Map of Beausoleil Island
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Full Access

GBINP offers full access on Beausoleil Island. We have a wheelchair-accessible dock, washrooms, showers, camping and trails at Cedar Spring Campground. An all-terrain wheelchair is available on request.


The park is accessible by boat only. Parking is available for those taking the DayTripper. Pay parking is available in Honey Harbour and surrounding areas.


Docking is on first come first serve basis. The park also offers mooring and beaching opportunities. The cost of each of these activities can be found here.

Cedar Spring Visitor Centre Kiosk

An information centre kiosk is located at Cedar Spring Campground. At this location firewood, and ice can be purchased, camping fees can be paid and bicycles can be rented. A recycling area is located next to the visitor centre.


Cedar Spring campground has flushing toilets, hot showers, wheelchair-accessible washrooms and new composting toilets. All other campsites and docking areas have pit privies or composting toilets.


The park offers a boat service to Beausoleil Island. Take the DayTripper to Beausoleil Island for the day or an extended stay.

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