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Georgian Bay Islands National Park of Canada

Artists in the Park 2014

Artist in the Park Artist in the Park
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Georgian Bay, a place of breathtaking natural beauty and source of artistic inspiration. Its lush hardwood forests and distinctively rugged Precambrian Shield have been muses to the likes of the Group of Seven, Ed Bartram, and many others over time.

As an Artist in the Park, we invite you to spend a week in the iconic landscape of Georgian Bay Islands National Park. Based out of our new rustic cabins on the western shore of Beausoleil Island, you'll be inspired by the park's natural beauty and cultural riches. Sound interesting? If this appeals to you, we invite you to look at the information page and submit your application (PDF, 81 Kb).

To apply, candidates must submit the following by email at or by mail at 901 Wye Valley Road, Box 9, Midland, ON, L4R 4K6:

  • The completed Program Application Form (PDF, 81 KB);
  • A minimum of three (3) and a maximum of six (6) high quality digital reproductions of their artwork; and
  • An artist resume or other biographical information (artist's website, exhibit reviews, newspaper articles, etc...)

Please note that mailed applications will not be returned to the sender.

The deadline for applications for the 2014 program of Artists in the Park is 4 PM EST April 17th, 2014.

For more information please call 705-527-7200 or email

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