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Bruce Peninsula National Park


A family building sand castles on a beach
Get the sand between your toes
© Parks Canada/Kerry Jarvis

Busy Kids, Happy Parents!

After a morning of light hiking you kick off your boots and let the soft sand massage your feet. Before you unfold your chair, the kids are sprinting into to the calm shallow waters of Singing Sands Beach. You’ve arrived…this is what summer is meant to be. There are acres of sandy shoreline at Singing Sands Beach at Dorcas Bay on Lake Huron.

Mother and daughter playing in the water
Beach time in the Bruce
© Parks Canada

Cyprus Lake has a shallow beach. A 30-minute walk from the Head-of-Trails parking lot gets you to Indian Head Cove and the Grotto. This intricately carved rocky shoreline is very popular with swimmers who like cold, deep water.