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Bruce Peninsula National Park of Canada



There are several easily accessible picnic locations within the park. Remember when you visit to practice no-trace picnicking. Use the waste receptacles where available, otherwise pack out your garbage.

Cyprus Lake - Cyprus Lake Campground

Day-use area
Situated in treed parkland by Cyprus Lake, this is a very popular spot for families. There are toilets, drinking water, garbage receptacles, picnic tables, fire receptacles, and access to a swimming beach and park trails.


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The Grotto - Cyprus Lake Campground

A 30-minute walk from the Head-of-Trails parking lot at Cyprus Lake Campground gets you to Indian Head Cove and the Grotto.

This intricately carved rocky shoreline is very popular with swimmers. There is a toilet near the shore. Please pack out all garbage.

Singing Sands

Day-use area - 1.5 km off Hwy. 6 on Dorcas Bay Road

A long sandy beach with shallow water suitable for young children.

The adjacent wooded dunes contain many rare and delicate plants. Please stay on the trails within the reserve as the dune/fen habitat is easily damaged. Near the parking lot there are toilets, garbage receptacles and picnic tables. There is not much shade here, so bring sunscreen and hats.


View of Georgian Bay
View of Georgian Bay
© Parks Canada/ PB Collection

Halfway Log Dump

3 km south of the Cyprus Lake Campground Road on Hwy. 6. Take Emmett Lake Road and follow the signs.

A 25-minute walk along the gated road to the left of the toilets gets you to one of the prettiest stretches of Georgian Bay shoreline in the park. At the parking lot there are toilets, picnic tables and a garbage dumpster.

Note: The Park Visitor Code (see Camping section) applies everywhere within the park.