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Facts and Figures

Location: Baffin Island, Qikiqtani Region, Nunavut Map

Established: 2001
Size: 22,000 (13,665 sq.mi.)

Features and Highlights

Sirmilik National Park of Canada

Winter hiking in Sirmilik
As part of Canada's national parks system, Sirmilik National Park represents the Northern Eastern Arctic Lowlands Natural Region and portions of the Lancaster Sound Marine Region. The park will comprise three separate land areas. Bylot Island is a spectacular area of rugged mountains, icefields and glaciers, coastal lowlands and seabird colonies. Oliver Sound is a long, narrow fiord with excellent opportunities for boating, hiking and camping. Borden Peninsula is an extensive plateau dissected by broad river valleys. The park features landforms and superb wilderness hiking and camping, and a major seabird colony in the vicinity of Baillarge Bay.