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Quttinirpaaq National Park of Canada

Polar Bear Behavior

Polar bear behaviour is very different from that of grizzly and black bears.

Polar bears are predators, primarily hunting seals, while grizzlies and black bears mostly eat plants. As predators, polar bears will investigate humans, their camps, and may even consider humans as a food source.

Polar Bear Conservation

Nanuq, the great white bear, is found in many of Canada's northern national parks and in some national historic sites. Whenever bears and people occupy the same area, conflict can arise. Polar bears and people have co-existed for thousands of years but contact between the two must be minimized to continue this legacy. Successful polar bear conservation requires your cooperation.

For your safety, and the safety of the bears, learn about safe travel in polar bear country and take precautions. By choosing to travel in polar bear country you not only accept the associated risks, but also the responsibility to alter your plans, actions and attitudes to accommodate these magnificent animals.