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Quttinirpaaq National Park of Canada

Access to the park

Resolute, Nunavut, is the launching point for trips into Quttinirpaaq National Park.

To Get to Resolute Bay:

First Air Ltd. flies to Resolute from Ottawa, via Iqaluit.

To Get to Quttinirpaaq National Park:

From Resolute, you must charter an aircraft to get to the park. It is a four-hour flight by Twin Otter to the park from Resolute. A Twin Otter aircraft charter to Tanquary Fiord or Lake Hazen, is approximately $15,000 one-way. However, you will need two flights, one to go to the park and another to come out for a total cost of around $30,000! A Twin Otter is capable of carrying a load of from 1000 - 1200 kg, which is equal to the weight of eight to ten people with gear. You should try to co-ordinate your trip to the park with other travellers, to reduce your charter costs.

Kenn Borek Air provides charter services to and from the park and has a base in Resolute. Charter companies are very busy during the summer, so make your travel arrangements well in advance.

To Get to Grise Fiord:

You may wish to make a side trip to the picturesque community of Grise Fiord (Ausuittuq - "the place that never melts"), Canada's most northerly community with a population of 100. It is about 360 km northeast of Resolute on the southern shore of Ellesmere Island. Arrangements for accommodations and outfitting services can be made through the Grise Fiord Inuit Co-operative at (867) 980-9135. Kenn Borek Air provides air service between Resolute and Grise Fiord.

Cruise Ships

A recent innovation in High Arctic tourism has been the advent of icebreaking cruise ships. Among other destinations, the cruise ships sometimes stop for a brief visit to Quttinirpaaq. Contact the Parks Canada office in Iqaluit for details.

Please remember that weather conditions in the north may dictate your travel schedule. Be flexible enough to allow for lengthy delays in your plans.