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Auyuittuq National Park of Canada


The polar marine climate means long, cold winters and short, cool summers. Although summer brings almost endless daylight, direct sunlight does not hit the park for one-quarter of the year.

Winds of 15-20 km/hour are common year-round although they tend to be stronger (30-40 km/hr) from late summer to early winter, with extremes to 100 km/hour. The Penny Ice Cap, steep mountain slopes and the linear valley of Akshayuk Pass create conditions for steady winds along the hiking trail. Be prepared for blowing sand in summer and white out conditions during the snow season.

The park receives very little precipitation but late summer is the wettest time of year. Be prepared for snow anytime, anywhere in Auyuittuq! By mid-August new snow is common in the pass and above 2,000 feet elevation it is permanent.

During ice break-up and freeze-up it is impossible to cross the ocean fiords in either boat or snowmobile. Check the Arctic Seasons section for more information.

Check current weather conditions in Nunavut at Environment Canada.

Be prepared for snow at any time of year.
Be prepared for snow anytime, anywhere in Auyuittuq.
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