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Wood Buffalo National Park of Canada



Wood Buffalo National Park offers a variety of visitor experiences — from short strolls on secluded forested trails to rugged canoe trips on wide meandering rivers of the boreal plains. Whatever your choice of activity, a visit to the Visitor Reception Centre is recommended to help you plan your stay.

Featured Activities

Relax and watch the sun rise. Look for a wood bison or a whooping crane as you glimpse the contrast of red samphire against the whiteness of the salt from ancient seas. Feel the soothing sensation of powdery crystals under your bare feet and sample the brine from an underground saline stream. Marvel at the variety of animal tracks all around you.

Peace-Athabasca Delta
Explore the Peace-Athabasca Delta
The Peace, Athabasca and Birch Rivers merge with Lake Athabasca in the Peace-Athabasca Delta, a habitat that lures millions of birds, hundreds of bison, dozens of avian and mammalian species and you on a single or 21-day paddle.



Spend the night, or a week or two in the park.
Wood Buffalo National Park is five times the size of Yellowstone, that’s a lot of room for camping. Find adventure in the backcountry or stay in a cabin within walking distance of your car.

Swim in a Sinkhole  

Swim in a Sinkhole
The karst topography provides one of the most interesting collections of natural swimming holes on the continent. Pine Lake is a water-filled series of sinkholes that is easily accessed from the Pine Lake Day Use Area and Pine Lake Campground.

Dark Sky Preserve  

Discover the world’s largest Dark Sky Preserve
The sky gets plenty dark in the North through fall, winter and spring until, that is, the Milky Way spills across the sky like a starry river. If you’re lucky, the Northern Lights will light up the night sky.