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Programs: 2013

Programs delivered at NNPR at various times throughout the summer:

Day visitors and River Trippers:

  • Campfire Programs at Náîlîcho (Virginia Falls) - Feel the thunder of Náîlîcho getting stronger as you approach a viewpoint overlooking this impressive waterfall, a majestic icon of the Canadian north. Learn about local ecology, culture and geology as you discover why Nah?a Dehé (the South Nahanni River) is a wild river like no other.
  • Guided Hikes – Visitors have the opportunity to join staff on guided viewpoint hikes at Náîlîcho (Virginia Falls) during the main visitor season. On-demand guided hikes lasting approximately two hours are offered daily to both day visitors and river trippers.
  • River Trippers:

  • Gahnîhthah Mñe (Rabbitkettle Lake) Guided Hikes – Join Parks Canada staff on a guided hike to see Canada’s largest freestanding tufa mound, a 10,000 year-old geological wonder! Learn about the age-old journey of geomorphology, and its affect on the rich biodiversity and culture in the area. From a lookout point on the Rabbitkettle River, you will have the opportunity to touch and feel pieces of tufa, take pictures and discover how the local geology and spiritual significance of Gahnîhthah (Rabbitkettle hotsprings and tufa mounds) make it a special place. Times: Guided hikes to Gahnîhthah are offered twice daily at 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.
  • While you are there, make sure to ask park staff about other visitor opportunities, such as a presentation at the campground. Don’t forget to take a dip in Rabbitkettle Lake or dip your paddle in around the lake to view the wetland habitats of local wildlife!